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List of Residents Selected for IASG Bursary: IASGCON2018 - Check Status

        Selected Awardees should send a demand draft amount of Rs 5000/- as caution deposit, payable to Secretary, IASG (Not Organising Secretary) so as to reach the IASG Secretariat (Not Organising Secretariat) before 5 PM 31st July. Write your name behind the DD for easy identification. In addition, send an electronic copy (Scan) as an attachment to the mail ids mentioned below. Defaulters will forego their bursary award and the award will be given to the next candidate in waiting.  Drafts will be returned to those candidates attending the bursary program by the Secretary, IASG along with reimbursement of Registration Fee, during IASGCON at the time of awarding the Bursary Certificates. For Travel arrangements contact; 

   The bursary awardees should become members of IASG and should submit the membership no at the earliest.



Annual Conference of the IASG (29th) will be held Delhi - October 2019                                                           

 SSAT-IASG Travel Fellowship 2019 - Selection in Preliminary Round

                1. Vivek Mangla

                2. Shiraz Rather

  Awards for Abstracts and Quiz - IASGCON2017   

  GI Surgery Abstracts IASGCON2017