Constitutionally elected Executive Committee of IASG


OFFICE BEARERS:                                                                                                                                                    Elections 2018: Nominations  for vacant posts: Closed

The Section will have following office bearers and members of the Executive Committee.

1. President

2. Immediate Past President

3. President Elect

4. Honorary Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Joint Secretary

7. Executive members (10)


The above office bearers will have full power to act on all matters except to change the constitution of the Section.


The members of the Executive Committee will be elected.

The term of the office bearers will be as follows:

1. President – 1 year.

2. President Elect – 1 year

3. Immediate Past President – 1 year

4. Honorary Secretary – 3 years (Eligible for seeking re-election for a maximum of one more term).

5. Joint Secretary – 3 years

6. Treasurer (The Treasurer will be a nominated member, nominated by the Executive Committee from the headquarters of the Secretary. He will not be eligible for voting rights.)

7. Executive members – 10 for 2 years each (maximum two terms with or without break)

Five members of the executive will retire every year according to their seniority. Election will be held for 5 members of Executive and President-elect every year and for the Secretary and the Joint Secretary every three years.





All office bearers including executive members (except Treasurer) will be elected by the General Body.

1. Nomination for President Elect, and other members of the Executive Committee will be invited four months prior to the General Body meeting by the Secretary.(usually by June 1st )

2. Last date for submitting the nominations will be three months before the date of the General Body meeting.(Usually by June 30th )

3. The nominated candidates and the proposers should be full life members of the Association and Section and should have paid their full dues.

4. Withdrawal will be allowed till 15 days after the last date for nominations.(Usually by July 15th )

Election, if necessary, will be held before the General Body meeting by secret ballot. The President Elect will be the Election Officer.

5. If no nominations are received by the last date for any post, the secretary will recall nominations during the General Body Meeting.


1. The committee will physically meet at least once a year at the National Conference at the call of the President. The President or in his absence the President Elect, shall preside at the Committee meeting and shall have a casting vote. In addition, there will be electronic meetings at least at three monthly intervals. The quorum for the Executive Committee will be one third of the total number of members. The annual report of the Section and the annual statement of accounts would be presented at the annual General Body meeting.


IASG Committees: Guidelines

                    There are 6 committees to look after the various aspects of functioning of the Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology, IASG. These committees selection and function will be governed by the constitutionally elected executive committee of IASG.


1.      Education Committee

2.      Scientific Committee

3.      Membership Committee

4.      Website Committee

5.      International Co-ordination committee

6.      Committees to create SOP (– (Conference, Orations, CME, Clinics, Bursary, Workshop)




1.      Life member of IASG – Willing to serve the Society

2.      (N.B: In International Committee: President, President elect, Past President and Secretary will be members by default. One member can be selected by EC to be in the international Committee)


1.      Voluntary – Self nomination

2.      Selection of the nominees by Executive Committee: Subject to availability


General Guidelines and Tenure of the Committees


1.      All the members should be full time life members.

2.      Will consist of maximum Five members and one member will be the convenor.

3.      Convenor is responsible for functioning of the committee.

4.      The Tenure of the committee will be for 5 years.

5.      Members can opt out of the committee any time during the tenure after prior intimation to the convenor and Secretary, IASG

6.      New members can be recruited by the convenor, after informing Secretary, IASG but the total number should not exceed Five.

7.      The EC, IASG has the right to change the members of the committee, if required.

8.      Convenor of the Committee should send the yearly report of the various activities of the committee to the secretary, IASG by 30th Aug (To be included in the Society Annual Report)



Specific Activities of the Committees

1.     Education Committee:


a)    The convenor will liaison with the Secretary, IASG and Organizing secretary for Scientific Committee activities.

b)   Functions of the Education Committee:

  • ·      Call for Applications for Travel Bursary and PG clinics during IASGCON on 1st January till 31st May.
  • ·      Selection and announcing the awardees by 31st July
  • ·      Manages the Travel Bursary and PG Clinics during IASGCON, in liaison with local organizing secretary and secretary, IASG.
  • ·      Will advise and monitor the CME and PG Clinics conducted under the auspices of IASG.


2.     Scientific Committee:


a)      The convenor will liaison with the Secretary, IASG and Organizing secretary for Scientific Committee activities.

b)      Functions of Scientific Committee:

  • Call for Abstracts for the IASGCON on 1st January till 31st May without Late fee and from 1st June to 30th June with Late fee
  • Manage the Abstracts submitted to IASGCO
    •  Sending abstracts for Peer review and selecting the abstracts before 31st August by Scientific committee of IASG and Categorisation.
    • Communicating with authors about the selection/guidelines before 15th September and the same is put up on the web site.
    • Categorizing and compiling the selected abstracts before 30th September for GI surgery Abstract supplement
    • Liaison with the organizing secretary and IASG Secretariat – for presentation/ display during conference (oral/video/poster) before 15th September.
    • Arrangements for judging the abstracts during the conference.
    • Liaison with local organising secretary for presentation of awards to best abstracts.
    • Compile the report of abstract submission, presentation and about awards to Secretary, IASG to be uploaded to IASG web site within one month after the last date of the conference.
  • All these activities should be in liaison with Organizing secretary of the conference and secretary, IASG


3.     Membership Committee:


a)      The convenor will liaison with the Secretary, IASG for Membership Committee activities.

b)      Functions of Membership Committe

  •  Explore various means to encourage membership drive.
  •  Help Secretary, IASG, if called for to screen and recommend the membership applications, when there is ambiguity in the application and other documents.


2.     Website Committee:


a)     The convenor will liaison with the Secretary, IASG for any announcements and Organizing secretary for any information regarding the conference

b)      Functions of Web Committee: 

  • For any announcements of the Association or Conference
  • Development and implement the web site
  • Creating and maintaining the academic forums
  • Liaison with the Web site developer and secretary, IASG
  • To check and ensure the content of the website authentic and secure.


5.     International Co-ordination Committee:


a)     Functions of the committee:

  • For collaboration with international Associations
  • As signatories of MOU between the Associations
  • Implementing the collaboration commitments.
  • Updating the EC and GBM about the developments



6.     Committee to Create SOP – (Conference, Orations, CME, Clinics, Bursary, Workshop)


a)  The convenor will liaison with the Secretary, IASG regarding development or modification of SOPs


b)  Functions of the committee:

  • Create SOP for various activities of the Association
  • Conducting the Conference
  • Conducting CME
  • Conducting PG Clinics
  • Conducting Travel Bursary
  • Conducting Workshops
  • Conducting Orations


c) The SOP documents after development should be submitted to secretary for approval / modification by EC.