Guidelines for Bidding to Conduct Annual Conference of IASG

Time lines:

  • Life Member of IASG wishing to host IASG National Conference should bid two years in advance.
  • Should apply after the applications are called for by the Secretariat, IASG between 1st June and 30th September.


  • The member bidding should be a Full time life member of IASG
  • Should apply in the proper application form (downloadable from the website or can be requested from secretary, IASG).
  • Should undertake the responsibility for providing the minimum facilities for conducting the conference as mentioned in the application form
  • Should undertake the responsibility of raising enough finances to conduct the conference.
  • The member should conduct the conference as per the constitution of IASG and guidelines for conducting IASG Annual conference. 
  • After the conference, the detailed report and audited account should be submitted to the Secretary, IASG within 6 months.


                                                                                   Application:Bid for Annual Conference - Download