Announcement of Elections for IASG President Elect and Member Executive Committee|


SSAT-IASG Collaboration:

The SSAT and IASG has agreed to collaborate with each other, to exchange two faculty members between both societies. IASG faculty will participate in DDW and SSAT faculty will participate in IASGCON. The topics will be decided by the society conducting the conference while the speakers attending the conference will be decided by the society sending the faculty. The travel expenses should be borne by the speakers. The host society will offer free registration and local hospitality to the speakers.

The SSAT-IASG Travel Fellowship initiated by SSAT will offer 5000 USD to one young surgeon, less than 45yrs and an active member of both IASG and SSAT. This will help the member to register and participate at the annual DDW in the USA and subsequently visit and be hosted by a member of the SSAT at 1 or 2 centres with renowned Departments of Surgery in USA or Canada for a period of two weeks.

JSGS-IASG Collaboration:

The Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery (JSGS) has agreed to collaborate with IASG and exchange two faculty between both societies to attend the annual conference. The host scociety will take care of the local hospitality and registration of the conference for guest faculty. This collaboration will facilitate exchange of knowledge and skill between both the societies and might pave the way to further collaborations.

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